Baseline Survey for Sustainable Livelihood: Journey to Uttarkashi

In our relentless pursuit of sustainable livelihood and community transformation, Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society (JDEWS) takes a significant stride forward. Our recent visit to the assigned villages of Domi, Satta, Saur, Usla, and Devari under the SECURE Himalaya project, in collaboration with UNDP- “Livelihood enhancement of the local communities by strengthening Handloom & Handicraft value chain and encourage the communities towards conservation of natural resources of District Uttarkashi” reaffirms our commitment to uplift local communities and preserve natural resources in the picturesque district of Uttarkashi.

Enhancing Livelihoods, One Village at a Time

As we embark on this journey, we recognize the potential of handloom and handicrafts as catalysts for change. Our primary focus is to strengthen the Handloom & Handicraft value chain, offering a pathway for local communities to not only earn a sustainable livelihood but also contribute to the conservation of their pristine surroundings.

The Baseline Survey

Allowed us to understand the unique challenges and aspirations of the communities. What struck us profoundly was their resilience despite the lack of basic infrastructure such as roads and internet connectivity. Amidst these difficulties, their spirit shines through, reminding us of the immense potential these villages hold.

Creating a Vision for Growth

Through our visit, we witnessed their contentment, but we also saw the untapped possibilities for growth. We believe that by nurturing the Handloom & Handicraft value chain, we can provide a platform for these communities to shine on a broader stage. Our goal is to empower them with skills, resources, and a vision for sustainable growth, enabling them to gain recognition and flourish.

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