Empowering Communities Through Pickle Making

In our unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable livelihoods and community transformation, Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society (JDEWS) is proud to announce an exciting new initiative – the Pickle Making Training Program for Rural Self Help Groups (SHGs).

The Power of Pickles and Self-Reliance

Pickle making, a traditional culinary craft, holds immense potential for economic empowerment. With this in mind, JDEWS is collaborating with the Government of Uttarakhand’s “Rural Enterprise Accelerating Project” (REAP), initiated by the Department of Agriculture. This partnership reflects our shared vision to boost rural entrepreneurship, create sustainable income sources, and uplift the socio-economic status of women.

Creating Entrepreneurs, One Jar at a Time

The Pickle Making Training Program is designed to equip SHGs with essential skills and knowledge in producing high-quality, flavourful pickles. Participants will learn the art of preserving local produce and crafting delectable products that resonate with local and global tastes. By nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to transform these women into self-enterprise leaders, contributing not only to their families but also to the overall economic growth of their communities. 

Our Approach: Holistic Empowerment

At JDEWS, empowerment goes beyond skill-building. It encompasses holistic growth that embraces financial independence, self-confidence, and community development. The Pickle Making Training Program aligns perfectly with our ethos of creating sustainable, eco-friendly enterprises that respect local traditions while fostering innovation.

Your Role: Join the Movement

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to be a part of this transformational initiative. By supporting our Pickle Making Training Program, you’re not just investing in pickles; you’re investing in the future of rural communities. Your engagement can empower women to become change-makers, enrich their lives, and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Join hands with us in this journey towards sustainable empowerment. Stay tuned for updates on the Pickle Making Training Program and how you can contribute to this remarkable transformation. Together, let’s sow the seeds of positive change and nurture flourishing communities.

At JDEWS, we don’t just make pickles; we cultivate opportunities!

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