Empowering Rural Women in Uttarkashi

Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society (JDEWS) has been dedicated to empowering rural women and promoting socio-economic development in Uttarkashi. Through our unwavering commitment, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in the lives of women in this region. 

One such milestone was achieved during a recent visit to Gram Kunjan, Uttarkashi, where the inauguration of a pilot project under the Secure Himalaya Project took place. This project aimed to strengthen the capacity and skill-building of local women and uplift their socio-economic status.

Understanding the State of Rural Women in Uttarkashi:

Uttarkashi, nestled in the serene Himalayan foothills, is home to a vibrant community of talented women. However, many of these women face various challenges, including limited access to resources, economic opportunities, and skill enhancement programs. Recognizing the untapped potential within them, JDEWS took on the responsibility of empowering these women and providing them with the means to enhance their skills and livelihoods.

The Productive Excursion to Gram Kunjan:

In December 2022, women under JDEWS embarked on a riveting and productive excursion to Gram Kunjan, Uttarkashi. This marked the inauguration of the pilot project under the Secure Himalaya Project, an initiative focused on the capacity building and skill enhancement of local women. The project aimed to equip these women with valuable skills in the creation of handmade products, specifically shawls, stoles, and more.

Skill-Building Workshops:

During their visit to Gram Kunjan, the women actively participated in a series of workshops, carefully designed to provide them with a diverse range of techniques and expertise in crafting exquisite handmade products. These workshops served as transformative platforms, allowing the women to hone their skills, learn new techniques, and broaden their creative horizons.

Empowering Women through Skill Enhancement:

The pilot project’s core objective was to empower the women of Uttarkashi by enhancing their craftsmanship and fostering economic independence. By equipping them with valuable skills, JDEWS aimed to create sustainable livelihood opportunities and uplift their socio-economic status. Through the pilot project, the women developed a deep understanding of product value addition, ensuring the creation of high-quality, handmade products that reflect their rich heritage and culture.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The women’s participation in the skill-building workshops at Gram Kunjan has already yielded remarkable results. These women have not only improved their craftsmanship but also gained confidence and a sense of empowerment. As they continue to produce exquisite handmade products, they are opening doors to new market opportunities and socio-economic growth.

JDEWS remains committed to nurturing the talent and potential of rural women in Uttarkashi. Our ongoing efforts to empower them through skill enhancement programs, vocational training, and sustainable livelihood opportunities have the potential to create a lasting impact on their lives and the entire community.


The excursion to Gram Kunjan, Uttarkashi, under the Secure Himalaya Project, marked a significant milestone in JDEWS’ journey to empower rural women. Through skill-building workshops and capacity enhancement initiatives, the women of Uttarkashi are unlocking their potential, embracing their creativity, and shaping a brighter future for themselves and their families. JDEWS remains dedicated to supporting and uplifting these women, ensuring they achieve socio-economic independence and contribute to the holistic development of Uttarkashi.


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