Celebrated International Plastic Bag Free Day on 3rd July

The other day (3rd July 2024) we celebrated International Plastic Bag Free Day, we say why not celebrate ”No Plastic Day Everyday”. Sustainable Green Economy is the need of time and Eco-Friendly products can play a decisive role to effect the same. Plastic has become part & parcel of our daily life. Every year millions of plastic waste end up in landfills & Oceans destroying the National habitat of multiple species & causing severe damage to the Eco -System. It’s high time we think about avoiding Plastic, Leather and Rexine products and go for Eco-Friendly alternatives to make our lives healthier and also the environment cleaner and more sustainable. While doing so we support the poor and underprivileged. Let’s all unite and fight together to Save Environment 🏝 🐏 JDEWS has the solution:-

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