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About Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society

JDEWS is a Society founded for the educational provision of persons mainly of the hills. A teacher by profession,Smt.Janki Devi had a great love and acumen for teaching. During her free time she would teach those children who could ill afford to pay and many a successful persons fondly remember her as their loving teacher with an extremely simple but charismatic personality. She had a great desire to give the gift of education to the children of the hills where living conditions were extremely tough and education limited and at long distances Inspired by the zeal of his mother, her son Sanjay Joshi founded the JDEWS to bring quality education to the children of Uttarakhand the state the family belongs to. See more.

In this age of hightech education JDEWS is opening new vistas for the young and desirous students of Uttarakhand. It is open to the latest options in the field of education in order to make it available even in the remote areas of the State to enable any child’s dream, to soar and scale the heights, a reality. The Society caters to multifaceted programmes on its own as well as in collaboration with other educational institutions and organizations to give quality guidance and results. It has already launched the distance learning programme in collaboration with the Uttarakhand Open University and has also successfully initiated its Personality Development Programme with the U.P.E.S ,T.H.D.C. to name a few and is now organizing to launch its M-learning programme through accessibility of Tablets in collaboration with APSA Group to enable those inclined to learn JDEWS thus has as its aim and objective (initially) the education of the young children of Uttarakhand. Its commitment to reach out to open the closed world of hundreds of children of the hills through M- learning by accessibility of the tablet to them will undoubtedly yield the desired results in time to come.
Apart from concentrating on quality education JDEWS is also actively involved in other spheres namely health and environment. It is working actively under the guidance of WHO in its TB eradication programme in and around the villages of Dehradun and in time to come also in the interior or remote villages of Uttarakhand. Aware of the high cost and complications involved in Kidney ailments JDEWS has successfully had a tie up with SANYOG PHARMACUTICALS and will be having the facility of providing dialysis to five persons initially. Thus the Society is actively involved in health awareness programmes and health services for curable but fatal ailments like TB and RENAL FAILURES. Its commitment to contribute towards making the peoples of the nascent state Uttarakhand a secure and successful community by providing them good opportunities of education, health and self-sustainment has already taken wings and the determination, dedication and sincere selfless service of its members will enable JDEWS to take the lead and become a Society having to its credit reliable and quality programmes. Catering to the welfare of the peoples of Uttarakhand the Society also has to its credit environmental projects and is actively involved in its solar energy projects in the areas of UK where availability of light is a dream come true Alive to the needs of the simple folks of the villages. it is further involved in energy conservation through its activities relating to Bio-degradable products in collaboration with the governmental agencies. Not only does JDEWS create awareness through its programmes but also helps provide opportunities to the poor and illiterate people by giving them employment for the production of biodegradable products.
Fully aware of the potential of the peoples of UK. Its main thrust is thus on EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH through its projects undertaken on its own or in collaboration with other institutions for JDEWS believes that one does not have to be great to start but one has to start to be great. Determined to bring a change in the lives of the people of UK. It has taken the next step for as has been said change starts when someone sees the next step and that's what the people involved in JDEWS have seen and done.

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Meet the Team


Sanjay Joshi

Besides being the chairman of JDEWS, Mr. Joshi has been part of the government for the past 30 years and is committed towards the welfare of the people.


Sarika Pradhan

Ms. Pradhan is currently the Director of Education at JDEWS and is also an Active member of many social activities and is well into the service of the people of Uttarakahnd.


Kavita Chaturvedi

Mrs. Chaturvedi is the Secretary of JDEWS, and also runs our Environment unit 'SPACE'. She dedicates majority of her time for the upliftment of women in rural areas.


Rishabh Garg

Mr. Garg is the C.E.O of JDEWS and holds a deep rooted knowledge in the field of business and uses his skills to tie-up JDEWS with other organizations and enterprises.


Monika Kaithait

Mrs. Monika is the coordinator of education at JDEWS and ensures the smooth running of the institute.


Jayati Joshi

Ms. Jayati is a guest lecturer at JDEWS and dedicates her free time towards teaching the students the nuances of fashion marketing.


Divya Jain

Ms. Divya has more than a decade's experience in practising law, she is also the legal advisor and a visiting faculty at JDEWS


Ruchi Semwal

Ms. Ruchi holds an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree and is currently working as an English faculty at JDEWS.


Gargi Garg

Mrs. Gargi Garg is associated with JDEWS as a PDP trainer. She constantly works hard in improving the communication skills of her students.


Arun Kumar Yadav

Mr. Yadav ensures that all the coordinators and faculties of JDEWS work in tandem for the smooth running of operations. He is also the faculty for mathematics at JDEWS.


Hitendra Saxena

Mr. Saxena is the member and faculty at JDEWS, teaching various computer courses. He also specializes in graphic designing.



  • Address: 74/35 Rajpur Road
    DEhradun 248001
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: jdews.org
  • Call Us On: 0135-2749009