About Janki Devi Educational Welfare Society

JDEWS is a Society founded for the educational provision of persons mainly of the hills. A teacher by profession, Smt. Janki Devi had a great love and acumen for teaching. During her free time she would teach those children who could ill afford to pay and many a successful persons fondly remember her as their loving teacher with an extremely simple but charismatic personality. She had a great desire to give the gift of education to the children of the hills where living conditions were extremely tough and education limited and at long distances. Inspired by the zeal of his mother, her son Sanjay Joshi founded JDEWS to bring quality education to the children of Uttarakhand the state the family belongs to.


Our journey began in the year 2004. We are an registered under the Registrar of Firms, Societies and Chits, Government of Uttarakhand. Our organization is working on providing vocational training for youth, especially women, organizing awareness programs regarding health-related issues and at the same time helping slum and village women to raise their living conditions by providing alternative source of income through our activities.
Uttarakhand is a natural disaster-prone state. The bulk of its population is scattered over remote areas. There is an urgent need for support for rural population in areas of education, public health and skill generation. JDEWS provides such support throughout the state.

Apart from concentrating on quality education JDEWS is also actively involved in other spheres namely health and environment. It is working actively under the guidance of WHO in its TB eradication programme in and around the villages of Dehradun and in time to come also in the interior or remote villages of Uttarakhand. Our NGO was one of the organizations helping in the rebuilding of Uttarakhand after the floods devastated the state in 2013. We were awarded a letter of commendation by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand as part of our efforts to impart training to women of villages effected by floods. We have created 25 SHG’s (self-help groups) till date as part of various Government and Private Funded Programs. Overall nearly 2200 people have been trained through these training programs.

Apart from health awareness camps we also promote a healthy lifestyle among the people through various Yoga techniques and stress relieving therapies like Sujok, and use of organically grown food and dietary supplements including access to it as the State of Uttarakhand abounds in soil unvitiated by pesticides and fertilizers and is the source of some of the best organically grown agricultural produce and high quality dietary food supplements.
Fully aware of the potential of the peoples of Uttarakhand. Its main thrust is thus on EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH through its projects undertaken on its own or in collaboration with other institutions for JDEWS believes that one does not have to be great to start but one has to start to be great. Determined to bring a change in the lives of the people of Uttarakhand. It has taken the next step for as has been said change starts when someone sees the next step and that’s what the people involved in JDEWS have seen and done.

Society RegistrationUK06003012020003181
Other Registrations12A, FCRA

Our Governing Body Members

Mr. Sanjay Joshi
Mrs. Kavita Chaturvedi